Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Todays shopping splurge!

Today was a time out day for me, I got to go shopping for fabric! Wasnt really time out because the kids came along too.

I went to a local fabric store and bought these 4 fabrics, The left one is a nice mid/dark blue polar fleece, Awesome thick stuff this is and is the first anti-pill fleece i've bought that really doesnt pill, I will be using this to make Marcus some fleece overalls with some red of the same fleece. The second is a red cotton paisley design to make a nappy for marcus and maybe one for my niece if I have left overs. The third and fourth are Minky!!! A baby blue ribbed and a black ribbed. Not sure what they will end up yet just bought it cause I could! The minky was only $9pm

I wont be doing any sewing today tho because Mya is not sleeping ATM as we took her dummy away yesterday and she refuses to go to sleep without it aaarrrggghhhh.......

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