Thursday, March 26, 2009

Mya's winter wardrobe

I am just about done sewing Mya's winter clothes now Yay! Here is a few sets I have made this week.

Top- Bought RTW top as I couldnt find fabric this colour. Bootleg cords with burda style pattern and euro cord applique (This time I slightly modified the burda pattern to be a little slimmer and the waist lower)

Middle- Another RTW top I got at Target for $2, it has the cutest best friends motif on it. Again I used my modified Otto pattern. The pants are a burda style bootleg cord pattern (Great pattern)

Bottom- A womens RTW top from an opshop, I modified the Otto Creative w'shop pattern to make this top. (The motif suits her PERFECTLY!)

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Little Munchkins said...

Welcome back to EB Sahra!

I already said this on the SM site, but I love Mya's winter wardrobe. Love the attitude t-shirt!